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feeling cute, might delete later

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how the hell mastodon work

whats up socialists when i say landlords you say suck! haha no but seriously your rent is due

disgusting chocolate kids cereal and oat milk

i made my desktop environment pretty

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I was able to rest up. I feel restless.

— Zutthan Cattenkan, Herbalist

made the excellent decision of using arch linux and i3wm on my new laptop. only 400 more days before i've finished configuring it and i can get to work

forgot my pills 2 days in a row and now my anxiety is at a 50/10 i feel like my heart is going to explode

my thinkpad just left kazakhstan. soon i will embrace it

anger, frustration, venting Show more

anger, frustration, venting Show more

reading documentation all day. my brain is leaking out of my ears

spit all over the floor on the bus. someone had been sitting here, spitting fucking EVERYWHERE. if it wasnt so gross itd be impressive

I have a complex relationship with spiders

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You could have it all
My empire of ‘Gurt
I will suck it down
I will make it squirt